Box of Frogs Improv


IMPROV WORKSHOP SaturDay 3 March 2:00pm to 4:00pm at CHipping Norton Baptist CHurch, New Street
£10 (students £7.50)  for 12 Year olds and Upwards (12-16 YEAR OLDS TO BE ACCOMPANIED BY PARTICIPATING ADULT)

Yes, we all know about ‘Whose Line Is it Anyway’, but the ways of improvisation are many-fold, and these days people aren’t just playing short games but also improvising whole plays and musicals. Improvisers are talented, yes, but they also have a few skills, tricks and rules of thumb that help them to cooperate with each other and free them to be creative.  Come and practice some of these skills at our improv workshop, suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Apply the lessons to performing, most certainly, but also to life.

The workshop is led by Jon Trevor, the non-evil genius behind Box of Frogs improv group and the Birmingham Improv Festival. Jon stumbled upon improvisation accidentally in 2009. He immediately founded Box of Frogs, and has been performing ever since. He teaches various improv classes, drop-in sessions and specialist workshops, and has recently returned from a 5-week intensive improvisation training at the prestigious iO Theatre in Chicago. He is on the board of the Applied Improvisation Network, an international organisation of those who use Improv to bring about personal, corporate and social change, or something.

"Jon Trevor delivered a fantastic, unexpected and truly rewarding session.

IMPROV Show SATURDAY 3 MARCH 5:00pm to 6:00pm at CHipping Norton Baptist CHurch, New STreet
£10 (students £7.50)

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We’ve tempted the Box of Frogs improv troupe down from their rural Birmingham idyll to the urban wasteland of Chipping Norton to perform just for you. Led by improv genius Jon Trevor, organiser of the Birmingham Improv Festival, the team will make up, solely from your suggestions, completely new, only-to-be-heard-once stories, jokes and songs. It will all seem completely uncanny, unless you’ve been to Jon’s improv workshop earlier in the day and have learnt the tricks.  Come along, there are no rules (though do try and have some clothes on, and at some point someone has to suggest “banana”, and “sausage,” oh, and “gin.”